The Dangers of Multi-Tasking | Working from Home

So, one of the super cool perks of this job is the ability to work from home one day a week.  I usually take Friday because, well, if I start working when I’d typically leave to drive to the office, I get done with some of the afternoon left.  It also lets me run some loads of laundry and sometimes multitask during certain conference calls.

We’ve been doing a really cool leadership training program the last few weeks.  The people who operate this program hail from elite schools and run companies we’ve all heard of . . . it’s been a very interesting process and I’ve quite enjoyed it.  It has been challenging, given me a lot of confidence in my approaches in the past and a greater understanding of why some of the change initiatives I’ve been subjected to in the past have been such flaming failures.  Some of it has been a little uncomfortable – which is good.  You never grow unless you push the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Because I’m still a little shy being so new to this company and the industry, and most of the people I’m in this with a couple of job grades above me, I didn’t particularly love the aspect that involved posting to shared boards so that everyone could read and comment.  However, most people are so busy that they’re mostly just posting their own thoughts and comments, not replying to others’ posts.  I kind of got over it, but I’ll never be the kind of person who can just free form ideas and click “post” – I had to read what everyone else had already posted, digest it a bit and then come back with my own response to the question.  The readings, reflections, comments and videos are all followed up and tied together with a conference call on Friday.  You can ask questions and participate, but most people don’t interact too much.  It’s a good multi-task call for me as a result.  I can listen to it and keep an eye on what’s going on on the screen while I work on something else.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I’m elbow deep in cleaning a toilet, with long rubber pink gloves on and not much else (nekkid cleaning for the win!) and I hear one of my comments get tossed out as one of the best form the module and the moderator asking me to further elaborate.  On a call of over one hundred people.  Pretty much nekkid.  Talk about feeling at a disadvantage.

I think I’m still blushing.


About City Chick

I am a thirty something gal living in the ultimate Mid-Western state who loves shoes, sunshine and her critters. I try to find the humor in life because I figure that laughing is better than crying - unless I'm crying because I am laughing so hard. In general, I admit to having a pretty lovely life although I've certainly hit my fair share of bumps and unexpected path divergences along the way. I worry about getting too lost in my own head and thoughts and I used to really enjoy documenting adventures in a friend's farm blog, so I thought I'd take a crack at it for just myself. This is a place where I'm thinking through things and giving my mind some freedom just to sort through my experiences. I'm hopeful one day this will just turn into a way to document my little adventures and thoughts in a humorous, slice of life way. I always wanted to write a book and I'm not sure I'll ever do it, but this satisfies that creative urge for right now.
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